Flightless Fruitflies

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Fruitflies (drosophila) are perfect for smaller reptiles, amphibians and some carnivorous invertebrates such as mantis.   When fully grown they measure around 2-3mm

We offer two different ways to buy fruit flies online at Internet Reptile; cultures (which hatch flies over time) and 'flies only' (which are hatched and ready to feed).


This is the traditional way to buy fruit flies, each tub contains a mix of fruit fly media in which flies have laid their eggs.  Simply keep the culture warm and the flies will hatch over a week or so giving an ongoing supply of fresh fruit flies.   Depending on temperatures there may be some live flies at the point of delivery but this is not always the case.

Flies Only

If you need flies in a hurry, this option is just like any other livefood, its simply a tub containing flies which you can use straight away.  Note that flies can be quite short lived so they tend to be best when you have an immediate need.  Keep a slice of banana in the tub to help them last longer. 


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