UVB Lighting is an essential part of reptile care that has historically been overlooked in many instances. Sun loving reptiles can now benefit from sun replicating high output UV lamps in intensities up to 14%, whilst crepuscular species like leopard and crested geckos can benefit from specialist lamps to fulfil their own specific needs. We also stock complete UV lighting kits at the very best prices to take the guess work and hard work out of buying and setting up the perfect lighting for your reptiles and other exotic pets.

Our regular lighting for reptiles serves a number of purposes. Basking or night lamps are designed to provide heat to your reptiles and their enclosures. LED lighting produces visual light only, but is also available with specialist specifications; for example our plant growth lighting range, which complements bioactive enclosures perfectly. Our light fittings and guards will ensure you can safely and correct install your lighting within your vivarium.

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