Food for Reptiles

At Internet Reptile we are proud to stock the most diverse and varied range of food for reptiles anywhere in the UK

Live Food For Reptiles, Frozen Reptile Food. Prepared Reptile Foods and Reptile Supplements

All of our reptile food is high quality, delivered to you in great condition.

Live reptile food
Our reptile food range includes all the popular live food staples such as  black crickets, Silent Brown Crickets and Live Locusts which are incredibly popular for many lizards, frogs and other exotic pets and will provide all the nutrition they
require. Some of our products such as locusts come in different sizes and in various
quantities including bulk pack size
to maximise savings.

Our live arrival guarantee covers
you on the rare occasion your products may not arrive in perfect condition.

Amphibian reptile foods
Give your amphibian food balanced with the correct nutrition they need to stay healthy. At Internet Reptile, we
stock a range of amphibian foods and bearded dragon foods from leading brands including Zoo Med, Arcadia
EarthPro and Lucky Reptile.
When looking after amphibians you can choose a livefood diet or
dry foods.

Our convenient dry amphibian foods provide all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed
for healthy development, growth and maintenance.
It's also important to create the ideal environment for your amphibians and reptiles so that they feel safe and
secure, and that their needs are taken care of. We stock a wide range of products from reptile and amphibian
housing to hides and bowls. All of our products benefit from free next day delivery when
you spend over £69 plus you’ll get the best deal thanks to our lowest price match promise, checking our
competitors’ prices daily to guarantee this.

Frozen reptile food
We have a wide range of frozen reptile foods, including Frozen chicks (
chicks/) Frozen Gerbils, Hamsters & Rabbits, Frozen Rats (
hamsters-rabbits/) and also Frozen Mults (; some of these items
are available in numerous sizes and weights. At Internet Reptile we understand that you only want the best for
your pet which is why we make sure that our frozen food is of the highest quality, ethically bred and humanly
euthanised before being frozen.
Prepared reptile food
We also provide prepared reptile food to save you time and make it easier for you, especially if it’s your first
time owning an exotic pet. They come in various sizes ranging from 60g to 800g depending on the product. The
products we offer include Crested Gecko Diets (,
Tortoise Foods,(, Fish Foods,
( also some delicious and nutritious Jelly Foods
Reptile supplements
Our range of supplements will provide your reptile with all the nutrition they need to thrive and keep healthy.
We have Calcium Supplements ( which are ideal for
reptiles such as crested geckos; medications ( to treat your
reptile when they are sick or wounded; and Vitamins & Supplements
( for a healthy lifestyle.
Can't find what you're looking for? Why not drop us a message? We aim to stock everything you need for your
reptile including Frozen Reptile Food (,  Reptile Housing
(,  and Reptile Lighting (