Reptile heating equipment is essential for your reptile's enclosure. At Internet Reptile, we offer a full range of equipment including heat mats & strips, thermostats, thermometers, ceramic reptile heaters and all reptile heating accessories.

All reptiles need a reliable heat source and with our reptile heating equipment, you can relax in the knowledge that your reptile is taken care of. Our heat mats, radiators and ceramic reptile heaters will provide reliable vivarium heat to your reptile and our range of thermometers and thermostats will ensure accurate temperature control.

If you're unsure of the equipment you need, visit our animal specific pages where you will find all the heating equipment you need for our most popular reptiles including, bearded dragon, leopard gecko, crested gecko, corn snake, chameleon, giant african land snail, tree frog, Hermann’s tortoise and much more.

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We offer free next day delivery on orders over £69. If you're based in near Nottingham you can reserve your reptile heating equipment online and click & collect at our store in 30 minutes. Contact us now and our team will help you find the vivarium heater or reptile heating solution for you.