At Internet Reptile we make choosing a new snake setup or starter kit as easy as possible.

Our reptile experts have put together a range of setups for many popular pet snakes such as corn snake setups and royal python setups.  Our welfare first approach to developing our setups means we never use inferior, unsuitable or untested or incompatible products.


Unless you’re an expert snake keeper, trying to decide what you need for your snake can be difficult. Our snake starter kits and setups include everything you need to successfully set up and keep your pet snake safe. 

Provide for Your Hatchling with Our Snake Starter Kits

Providing the correct temperature is critical to successfully raising any reptile to help them maintain temperature, digest food and generate the energy they need to hunt and survive. 

Snakes are no exception; in order to thrive they require an environment with warmth and the correct humidity levels so we will always include heat

Similarly, as reptiles use natural light to regulate their day and night routines, UVB and UVA lighting is essential for maintaining their immune systems and keeping their skin and vision healthy. 

Additionally, our Exo terra snake starter kits and Habistat snake starter kitsare designed with a selection of other products including cleaning solutions, hides, bedding, water bowls, and thermometers.

Our snake starter kits also come with solid vivarium’s engineered with good ventilation and plenty of space for your snake to grow along with the correct heating, lighting and accessories. Easy to set up, they’re perfect for all types of hatchling snakes, like corn snakes.

We offer a range of hatchling snake starter kits, perfect for any species of snake, or a specific hatchling corn snake kit. All of our vivarium’s and kits are simple to assemble in order for you to create the best habitat for your new snake.

With Internet Reptile, you can save money by buying a snake starter kit today! We even offer free delivery on orders above £60, or you can click and collect at our Nottingham store in just 30 minutes. We’re dedicated to keeping out costs low, and our lowest price promise. 

Contact us if you need a hand deciding on what you need for your pet. Our team has experience handling and caring for a wide variety of reptiles and exotic animals and are happy to help advise you on what you need.