In order to best meet the needs of your reptile, you need to select the perfect reptile housing for their specific requirements. Our wide range of housing and enclosures, from wooden vivariums to glass terrariums, are available in a range of sizes and colours,  and provide the perfect way to keep your reptile, safe, secure and comfortable.

Wooden Vivariums

All of our high quality wooden vivariums come flat-packed and are simple to assemble and build at home. Ideal for reptiles who prefer warmer weather, they hold the heat well, making them perfect for reptiles such as a bearded dragon. 

Our most popular vivariums, made by Vivexotic, are available in 4 styles and width options; small (55cm), medium (85cm), large (115cm) and XL (120cm+).

If you are looking for a hand picked vivarium suitable for your bearded dragon, checkout our roundup here: Bearded Dragon Vivariums

Glass Terrariums

Perfect for those reptiles that need access to both land and water, and who require ower heat levels such as the tree frog. Our glass terrarium reptile housing comes in a range of sizes, from nano terrariums of 20cm wide, to large terrariums of 90cm. 

Our lowest price match promise means that, when you shop with us, you can be certain you’re getting the best deal, and we offer free next day delivery on all overs when you spend £69 or more.