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Looking for a new setup for your pet, food, treats or just inspiration as you don't know where to start? Our shop by animal section is for you. Here we start with your pet and then hand pick some of the most popular items for them.

So whether you are looking for bearded dragon food packs, corn snake supplies or even equipment to help you care for your spiders or mantis, you need look no further.

Snake Supplies

Royal Pythons, Corn Snakes and other snake species.

Tortoise Supplies

There are so many wonderful products for tortoises, so whether its a new set-up, UV tube, vitamins and food. Checkout our industry leading tortoise products online now

Amphibian Supplies

From tree frogs to dart frogs. From terrariums to bioactive equipment. We have something for every amphibian keeper

Invertebrate Supplies

Praying Mantis, Giant African Land Snails, Spiders and Stick Insects make fascinating pets. Find all the equipment you will need here.

Bird Supplies

Bird Lighting, Bird Foods, Bird Decoration and more...

Aquatic Supplies

Aquarium filters, aquarium heaters, fish food, aquarium salt, water tests and treatments and more...

Other Pets

We currently stock products for sugar gliders, exotic pets and wildlife.

Aquatics & Pet Products

At Internet Reptile we have great contacts across the pet trade so have been able to put together a range of complimentary products for other pets. We hope this helps you as their keeper buy even more of your pet supplies in one place.

Our largest complimentary range is aquatic supplies. If you are looking for aquarium filters or heaters look no further, these products can also be used in paludarium or other semi aquatic reptile or amphibian setups.

Arcadia Reptile is known for its fantastic reptile UV lighting kits and lamps. Being an official stockist we also stock the full range of Arcadia Bird products so you can provide your birds with the best available lighting on the market. Psitticus foods have never been more popular so well worth checking out.

We also cater for wildlife and other exotic or domestic pets.