At Internet Reptile, we have several comprehensive invertebrate starter kits to choose from. Our invertebrate kits are suitable for a wide range of insects including praying mantids, stick insects, and small spider species such as Jumping Spiders. These starter kits from Habistat, Mantis Marvels, and Exo Terra are the perfect gift for budding entomologists who want to see the marvels of insect life up close.

Essential Invertebrate Starter Kit Equipment

Each of our starter kits comes packed with the essentials including a small terrarium for easy viewing, hides, bedding and substrates, a thermostat, and feeding tongs. This equipment recreates the habitat insects thrive in and with proper care can live, grow, and become part of a budding hobby. 

Along with our invertebrate starter kits, we also stock rare and interesting insect species to move into your new home. For added decoration, take a look at our artificial plants, water bowls, and backgrounds. Whatever look you’re going for, we have the perfect addition to your insect vivarium. 

If you’re looking for more insects or products to keep your insects healthy and happy, view our store and you’ll find everything you need. Most of our products are available for free next day delivery when you spend above £69. We also offer a click and collect service at our Nottingham store. 

With our lowest price match promise, we guarantee that our prices are the most affordable online. Our team have a wealth of experience and can help you find the ideal invertebrate setup. Contact us today- to find out more about our various invertebrate starter kits .