How to fit a UV lamp
We received the exciting news this week that Arcadia have produced a range of brand new advice videos to help users get the most out of their reptile products.

The first video in this series covers how to safely fit the UV tube into a Arcadia ProT5 or Mini Kit (or indeed any similar complete UV lighting system). By watching the video you can ensure you can safely remove or fit the lamp whether setting up your kit for the first time or replacing the lamp at the end of the year.

Our summary: Make sure your lamp is unplugged from the wall Ensure the switch is in the off position and the lamp is cool

INSTALL Ensure lamp holder access points are both facing directly downward Gently and easily push the lamp pins into the fitting (this should be easy) With both hands gently twist the lamp with a single rotation to lock the pins in 3 and 9 o clock positions (again this should be easy and you will heard a slight click when done - if you hear the lamp pins binding STOP and try again, too much pressure will crack the lamp)

UNINSTALL Repeat steps 3-5 in reverse, gently unclicking the lamp pins into an 'open' 6 and 12 o clock position to remove the lamp Attach all your cables (either link or power) and plug in