Arcadia ProT5 Complete UVB Lighting Kits arrive at Internet Reptile

In what is one of the most versatile and exciting product launches in a long time, Internet Reptile are excited to have received its first shipment of Arcadia ProT5 lighting canopies

The versatile Arcadia Pro-T5 lighting kit fits the standard range of Arcadia HighOutput T5 (HO-T5) lighting tubes which are available in 6%, 12% and 14% intensities (the 54w is also available as a bird lighting product) which means replacements will always be easy to obtain after their 12 month lifespan expires.

The ProT5 can be sat on top of traditional glass terrariums or even hung inside any vivarium where space and safety permits.   

Keepers with more than one vivarium will love that up to 10 kits can be linked together and run off one plug.  Better still every purchase comes with a free link cable so there is no hidden cost in doing this.

The state of the art reflector ensures the light is reflected exactly which simultaneously 'flooding' the enclosure with visual light.