Arcadia ShadeDweller Leopard Gecko Lighting

At Internet Reptile we could not be more excited to have received into stock the all-new Arcadia ‘ShadeDweller™’ range of lights.

ShadeDweller is the first dedicated full-spectrum + UV-B system designed specifically for Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos and a whole host of other crepuscular species aka ‘Shade Dwellers’.

John Courtney-Smith, Head of Science and Innovation at Arcadia Reptile says "I have been passionate about providing the correct sources of energy from light to crepuscular species for many years. After years of work we have finally been able to craft something as ‘bespoke’ for this commonly kept group of animals"

At the heart of this brand new product range is the ‘ShadeDweller-lamp’. This is a German made 7% UV-B, 17% UV-A. CRI over 90, 6k kelvin 8w 12”/30cm T5 lamp which lasts full 12 months and is fully compatible with the existing MiniUV controller which makes it a easy upgrade for customers who have already invested in this technology for their pets.  

Alternatively start from scratch with either the all new ‘ShadeDwellerPro’ Kit or ShadeDwellerMiniKit

The ShadeDwellerPro Kit -

An 8w miniature version of our the all-new Arcadia ‘ProT5-Kit’. Perfect for use inside of vivariums, taller terrainiums, rested on a the mesh top of terrariums, deeper RUBS or any other enclosure.  

The ShadeDwellerUVMini Kit

Perfect for shallow vivs such as the standard Terrainium, RUBS, and breeding systems.

Both kits re flicker free and come complete with a ShadeDweller™ lamp, the fitting, reflector, fitting kit, power cable and free link cable (1.2m). Up to 10 units can be powered via one power source

ShadeDweller is also great for many other ‘partial baskers’ and diurnal/terrestrial/arboreal species in smaller enclosures or when young; such as hatchling snakes, small arboreal ‘forest type’ lizards, amphibians and inverts where they can easily climb to self-regulate.