Internet Reptile features on ITV’s Love your Garden

When we were contacted by ITV to help transform a home for a pair of crested geckos belonging to 15-year-old, terminal cancer patient Harri, we were both intrigued and excited by the opportunity and jumped at the chance to offer a helping hand.

The episode aired Feb 25th and featured a full makeover of nature loving Harris garden… our job was to help bring a slice of nature into his home by supplying and advising on the correct products and setup for his beloved pair of crested geckos.

With a fairly limited brief and not knowing exactly which products would be needed, Tim and Ben (our company director and shop manager) set off from Nottingham with a van full of reptile supplies including glass terrariums in multiple sizes, bioactive substrates, live plants, woods and branches as well as specialist heating, UVB and plant growing light systems.

They were pleased to be able to use the largest glass terrarium and helped advise Harri and Alan Titchmarsh on the way it would best fit together so they could decorate it for the geckos. The finishing touches were then added, and the new geckos seemed to love their new upgraded home taking pride of place in Harris bedroom.

Checkout the project below and a full shopping list of the items we used is to follow.

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