MistKing Misting System v5.0

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Model: Starter (v5.0)
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MistKing is renowned for their ultra high quality, high performance terrarium misting systems which are used by professionals and hobbyists worldwide.  What sets mistking apart from other mistking systems its extremely fine mist, wide range of accessories and robust, long lasting pump and parts.

Despite their reputation and popularity, owning a mistking system is still affordable due to the starter model which incorporates all the essentials you need to get going whilst being fully upgradable as and when you need it to be.  

Ultimate and Advanced systems are also available depending on your needs, to help you decide which model is right for you we have broken down a summary of each model:


The kit that gets you started.  It contains all you need to mist a single enclosure whilst keeping all options for expansion firmly on the table as it can support up to 10 nozzles.  Compatible with all 1/4" mistking accessories.

  • High Quality Pump (up to 10 nozzles)
  • Power Adapter
  • Digital Seconds Timer
  • 1x "L" Style Misting Assembly
  • Reservoir Bulkhead with o-ring and plug
  • 15 ft of 1/4" tubing
  • 5 tubing clips with screws
  • Manual


When you want to step up the number of supplied accessories and purchase a system capable of running up to 20 nozzles.  Compatible with all 1/4" mistking accessories. 

  • Higher Quality Pump (up to 20 nozzles)
  • Power Adapter
  • Digital Seconds Timer
  • 3x "T" Style Misting Assemblies 
  • ZipDrip Valve (creates a dripless system)
  • Reservoir Bulkhead with o-ring and plug
  • 25 ft of 1/4" tubing
  • 1/4" manual ball valve
  • 10 tubing clips with screws
  • Tubing cutter with collet toll
  • T Connector 
  • L Connector 
  • Cable Y connector (for connecting the zipdrip valve and pump together to the timer)
  • Manual


Rather than a step up (the ultimate system would be the 'top' level system by any other standard) we suggest you think of the advanced as a slightly different type of system.  With a 3/4" backbone and a super powerful pump capable of pressures up to 125psi, this system can be used in larger or more complex situations which include anywhere from 10 to 70+ nozzles.  (MistKing do not recommend this system unless you are going to exceed 15-20 nozzles). 
  • Large Capacity diaphragm pump with 3/8" fittings
  • 24v Power Adapter 
  • Digital Seconds Timer
  • 3/8" metal reservoir bulkhead with plug 
  • 3/8" Ball Valve
  • 35 ft of 1/4" tubing (to connect nozzles)
  • 15ft of 3/8" tubing (to connect reservoir to pump and run nozzle 3/8" backbone)
  • 12x "T" Misting assemblies 
  • 3x "L" misting assembles 
  • 2x Reducing tee Connections (3/8" to 1/4")
  • 1x Reducing elbow Connection (3/8" to 1/4")
  • 20x 1/4" tubing clips
  • 10x 3/8" tubing clips 
  • Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Taylor D.

Great service and products all work

luke h.
Better then...

Purchased a mistking starter misting system for my chameleon and didn’t really expect too much. Set up was really straight forward with very clear and detailed instructions. I liked the versatility of using your own water reservoir as you can make it fit in with your set up perfectly that way. The seconds programmer is very easy to set up and allows 10 programmes to be programmed which is great. The mist is so fine and I can notice a huge improvement in the chameleon since installing it. Overall great product, can’t imagine any other mister on the market giving as much versatility and quality. Would 100% recommend to anyone.

Stacey T.

Not dispatched

Ian C.
Mistking Ultimate Misting...

Great product. Instructions clear and easy to follow. Very happy.

David J.


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