Arcadia Earth Pro-A Vitimin Supplement

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Arcadia Reptile EarthPro-A is a full-spectrum natural mineral and vitamin powder that has been designed for modern care and can be used on a regular basis safely.

EarthPro-A contains high levels of natural vitamins and minerals, full-spectrum carotenoids which allow the animal to make its own preformed vitamin A and Bee Pollen.

Available in resealable pouches: 100g and 350g pouches.

Feeding Instructions:
EarthPro-A is a full-spectrum all-natural mineral and vitamin mix that can be used at every feed or within the EarthPro feeding programme.

Depending on the size of feed between 1-5g of power can be added to the feeder insects, plants or defrosted whole feeders.

Dust feed insects or sprinkle on to greens and give to animal straight away.

Limestone Flour 60%, Mineral Clay 26.5%, Protein Powder (Vegetable) 10%, Carrot Powder 1.75%, Dunaliella salina 1%, Vitamin B Premix 0.5%, Bee Pollen 0.25%.

Nutritional Information:
8% protein, <1% crude fibre, <1% crude oils and fats, 2.30% crude ash, <8% moisture.

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