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Size: XL
Quantity: Regular Tub
Sale price£2.19 Regular price£3.29
100 available

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Farm fresh, healthy, nutritious locusts make a great meal for many lizards and other exotics pets.  Our locusts are covered by our live arrival and freshness guarantee meaning you can be confident they will arrive in perfect condition every time.

  Size Instar Reg. Tub Qty Super Tub Qty Bulk 50 Bulk 100


6 6 12 Y
XL 30-45mm 5 8 15 Y Y
Large 20-30mm 4 10 20 Y Y
Medium 12-20mm 3 15 25 Y
Small 10-12mm 2 20 40 Y Y
Hatchling 5-10mm 1 25 N/a N/a N/a


To order bulk amounts in tubs please order our super tubs. E.g. 100 large locusts = 5 super tubs.

Top Tip:
"XL, Large, Medium, Small are the most commonly ordered locust sizes as this wide range covers most uses and they tend to post better than adult or hatchling sizes, especially during extremes in weather"

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