HabiStat Medivet Cricket Diet

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HabiStat Eco Pak Cricket Diet is an insect 'gut loading' supplement specifically designed to be fed to crickets. 

Cricket Diet has been research formulated and manufactured using zoo food technology to produce an outstanding nutritional product. 

The unique formulation of Cricket Diet loads the digestive tract of the insect food item with a special balance of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and a spectrum of amino acids.

- Cricket 'gut loading' vitamin supplement 
- High calcium content helps prevent medical bone disorders
- Vitamin D3 aids calcium absorption from the alimentary tract
- Avoids amino acid restriction by 17 types of free form amino acids

Available in two pack sizes

Directions for use:
After reading the comprehensive instruction sheet, inside the pot, the powder should be mixed with a little water into a paste. This paste should then be fed to any crickets that are to be fed to your animals.

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