Bearded Dragon Starter Kit (Bronze) 86x49x56cm

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Colour: Oak
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Please note that our Bronze Kit is not intended to be a home for life as is does NOT include a full size* vivarium... it it designed for breeders or for smaller species such as a rankins dragon and is also popular for quarantine or temporary (e.g. holiday accommodation).  Remember, the moment your pet dragon is ready to go home, he or she would benefit from the full size kits (Silver and above)

Our Bronze Bearded Dragon Setup is great for when budget matters for smaller bearded dragons (less than 6 months old) or other desert lizards.   Cost savings are achieved by including the absolute essentials for your pet but not including extras such as a lamp guard or infra-red thermometer (these are highly recommend and you'll find them in our Silver Bearded Dragon Starter Kit).

Included Items

  • Vivexotic Repti-Home Maxi (Medium): Width 860, Depth 490, Height 560
    this vivarium is preferable to a "4ft compact" (e.g. 40-45cm tall) which are often included in cheaper kits from our competitors - whilst these looks like they ticks the box by including a 4ft vivarium, the reality is that lower vivariums are not suitable for the high quality lights that bearded dragons require to thrive...
  • Arcadia ProT5 UVB Lighting Kit / Desert (12%) / 22in (24w)
  • Arcadia Solar Basking Spotlight / 75w
  • Arcadia Heat Resistant Fitting
  • Digital Twin Zone Thermometer ST-2
  • Microclimate Dimmer B1 Thermostat / High Range

 Not Included

  • Decoration - it's always a personal choice and we have decoration for every budget, don't forget to include hides, caves, climbing areas and artificial plants.
  • Food & Supplements - a varied diet with bearded dragon supplements are key to successful dragon care.

*a full size vivarium for a bearded dragon should measure a minimum of 4x2x2ft (120x60x60cm)... smaller vivariums are not recommended for adult bearded dragons.

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