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Monkfield Tall Terrainium, Oak

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Size: L46 x D29 x H25cm
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This product is not available for home delivery.




- Ideal for housing Snakes, terrestrial Geckos and many more species
- Quick and easy to set up
- Mini UVB kit can be used
- Offset ventilation holes, crucial for ensuring correct airflow
- Hinged lid, with secure clip locks, for easy access and cleaning


The Monkfeild Tall Terrainium is ideal for housing hatchling and fully grown Snakes, such as Corn Snakes, terrestrial Geckos and many more species. 

Quick and easy to set up, the Monkfeild Tall Terrainium has a glass front and top panel to allow for good natural lighting and enhanced viewing.

A double layered glass base makes it easy to install a heat mat and an insulating layer of polystyrene below the glass base ensures the heat is projected into the Terrainium. Offset ventilation holes on both sides ensure the air is circulated correctly and there is no need for any drilling as the Terrainium is fitted with a rubber grommet in the rear to insert the thermostat probe. Opening from the top for easy access and cleaning, the Tall Terrainium has secure clip lock catches on the lid to ensure there are no escapees! 

To set up:
- Slide the heat mat between the two panes of glass at the back of the tank and attach it to the thermostat (sold separately)
- Insert the thermostat probe via a grommet at the back of the Terrainium
- Attach the Mini UVB kit to the lid with the clips provided (sold separately)
- Plug it in and set up the Terrainium according to your animal's needs

Tall Terrainiums are available in the following sizes in Oak only:
L46 x D29 x H25cm (18 x 11.5 x 10")
L61 x D38 x H30cm (24 x 15 x 12")
L76 x D38 x H30cm (30 x 15 x 12")
L90 x D38 x H30cm (36 x 15 x 12")

All measurements are length x depth x height

Bespoke sizes and colours can be made to order, please ask for details. 

All our Terrainiums have been tried and tested for practicality and durability and are delivered pre-assembled.

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