Arcadia T5 UVB Mini Kit, ShadeDweller, 7% UVB, 8w

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The Arcadia ShadeDweller Mini UVB lighting kit is a UVB lamp designed for shallow vivaria.

This UVB light kit comes standard with a specially designed flat reflector, fittings kit, power cable, switch, linking cable, flicker-free components, and the 7% ShadeDweller™ lamp.

The Arcadia Mini UVB lamp kit is ideal for smaller enclosures (up to 30cm high). The shallow profile fits smaller areas and prevents the risk of your reptiles burning themselves or getting too close to the lamp.

The reflector ensures maximum UVB lamp coverage for effective basking and heating temperatures. The smaller profile and design make this lamp popular with pet owners of smaller reptiles like leopard geckos, snake hatchlings, amphibians, and invertebrates.

The long-lasting UVB lamp delivers uninterrupted UVB rays promoting growth and activity.

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