Arcadia ProT5 UVB Lighting Kit

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UV-B Intensity: Forest (6%)
Tube Length: 22in (24w)
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Arcadia ProT5 is a highly adaptable full lighting kit with high quality internal electronics.

The Pro T5 includes

  • UV-B Lamp (choice of intensities)
  • Easy install fitting/control unit
  • Removable highly effective reflector
  • Power Cable
  • Fittings Kit 
  • Free Link Cable 

Arcadia ProT5 uses the very finest electrical components to ensure safe running and long lamp life.  Each bar has in build over-voltage, over heating and short circuit protection.   ProT5 is Teflon free and free from any reflector coatings that absorb UV

Replacement Lamps:

Another great future of the Arcadia Pro T5 kit is that it incorporates standard size T5 lamps meaning replacements will never be difficult to obtain.  If you are looking to replace the lamp for your existing T5, our handy table below shows you the part number for each lamp with a link to take you straight to the bulb you are looking for...

  6% UVB Forest 12% UVB Desert 14% UVB Dragon
24w (22in) RFD324T5 RFD339T5 RFD354T5
39w (34in) RFD3P24T5 RFD3P39T5 RFD3P54T5
54w (46in) RFD3D24T5 RFD3D39T5 RFD3D54T5

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