Arcadia Bird Lamp, 2.4% T5 Standard Output UVB Lamp, 30cm (12in), 8w

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This Arcadia Bird replacement 8watt 2.4% UV-B specialist bird lamp will help to ensure fantastic colour vision in pet birds kept inside and allow them to make their own Vitamin D3 naturally.

This sleek lamp is flicker free when used with Arcadia bird fittings and full-spectrum+UV-B. These lamps have a high CRI and are UV-B potent for one whole year of use. Providing an artificial source of UV light is often overlooked when keeping birds.

These bulbs are designed to emit 12% UVA and 2.4% UVB. This will promote optimal vitamin D3 synthesis and optimal colour vision. This will promote natural behaviour, increase mineral assimilation, storage and use and improve captive breeding

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